Lean Construction Australia and New Zealand is the pre-eminent organisation promoting and supporting higher levels of sustainable performance in the Australian and New Zealand construction sector. Lean Construction ANZ operated through a Board of Directors and Regional Councils comprising lean leaders from the private, public and education sectors.

The construction sector in Australia and New Zealand exhibits a high incidence of project cost and time overruns, business insolvencies and stagnant productivity.   Applying lean construction principles offers a way to enhance project success and increase the likelihood that projects will be more collaborative, have less wasted effort and deliver appreciable customer value.

Lean Construction ANZ has access to global expertise, reference documents, research papers and training opportunities through affiliation with organisations such as the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC), Lean Construction Institutes (LCI) in the USA, UK, Europe, and South America.

Membership opens networking opportunities, access to the significant body of knowledge and the opportunity to participate with thought leaders in progressing the construction sector to create higher levels of value through practice and process change.

Sponsors can align their brand with the lean journey to reform the construction sector.

The specific elements of LC ANZ ‘s current and development strategy are:

 Current Value Offers

  • Educational material and case studies on the members’ area of our website
  • Access to content on other LCI websites (US, UK, Ireland) for our members/ discounts to access material and training on other LCIs websites as well as events
  • Discounted tickets for the yearly Future Infrastructure Summit and other events
  • Quarterly newsletter including our TOP 3 picks of blogs, articles and research papers
  • Access to Community of Practise (start with leadership aka the Thought Leadership Program/ Breakfast)

  Our development objectives to be progressively implemented include:

  • Lean Training and Accreditation
  • Lobbying body for Lean and Collaborative Contracting
  • Body that sets the Lean Standards for AUS and NZ
  • Research and research summary
  • Community of Practice on all levels
  • Lean Award

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