Field & Objects

The company is established as a not for profit organisation, with the purpose of advancing the knowledge, capability and application of Lean and Continuous Improvement principles, methods and collaborations across the Building, Construction and Engineering industries, education providers, peak bodies, government and other related associations in pursuit of increased value delivery, resource utilisation, reliability and safety (“Field”)

The particular objects for which the company is established are to:


create a network of resources and collaborators in the Field with the capability, through research, education and facilitation of projects to improve economic, environmental and social factors within the company’s operating areas


build practical capability in the Field to drive new projects, entities and partnerships through training, coaching, mentoring and the facilitation of on the job learning for the benefit of the company, collaborators and benefactors in the Field


ensure members, collaborators and other participants with their differing disciplines and backgrounds will, through their participation in projects and capability building activities, add value to each other so that the performance of the company will be greater than that of each member and other participants acting independently


promote a managed and cooperative approach to research, education and application in the Field to maximise the benefits from those activities


as an ancillary and supportive purpose, to utilise research outcomes of the company’s activities in such a manner as to ensure that the maximum benefit accrues to Australia, New Zealand and other eventual operating locations, including industry and the economy generally