LCANZ Webinar: ‘From Chaos to Commitment’ How to get better plans and reduce risk on your infrastructure project

Join Lean Construction ANZ  for a webinar on ‘From Chaos to Commitment’ How to get better plans and reduce risk on your infrastructure project



Construction projects are chaotic!

We go in with a plan but no plan survives first contact. On any given week, our industry typically only achieves half of the commitments it plans.

What impact does this have on project outcomes and on us?

Join global construction leaders, Paul Ebbs and Phil Hendy, as they present an established and proven systems approach to planning that engages with the people responsible to execute the work and builds understanding, trust and co-reliance between partners to achieve your master plan. Your teams can create more reliable plans that reduce delays and minimise associated cost blow outs.

Risks are realised and mistakes happen on infrastructure projects. However, while it is not always possible to stop an unknown risk from impacting production or from a mistake from happening, it is possible to stop them from reoccurring. By integrating risk management principles with the Last Planner® System your teams can leverage years of diverse experience to integrate countermeasures to known risks and mistakes in design and construction plans.

The webinar will cover:

  1. What makes project chaotic
  2. The Last Planner System® (LPS): A proven systems approach that accepts change and enables reliable planning
  3. How LPS is being used to increase reliability of infrastructure projects in Australia
  4. How risk can be managed through LPS
  5. How to get started with LPS on your project

Presenters –

Date and time: 

28th October at 5.30pm-6.30pm AEST online

This virtual event will be available via registration at the LCANZ webinar streaming channel.


Phil Hendy

Innovation and Continuous Improvement Manager,

Western Program Alliance, Australia

LCANZ LTD Director, Vic Regional Committee


Phil is an authentic transformation leader with a focus on team collaboration, continual improvement and innovation. Phil is currently Innovation & Continuous Improvement Manager for McConnell Dowell.

His experience is founded on 20 years of working with head contractors across the civil engineering industry. In project and engineering management roles he has led the successful delivery of projects throughout Australia and New Zealand, including rail, roads, marine and telco sectors. He is a qualified Civil Engineer and has a Masters in Project Management.

As a Director for the Lean Construction Australia and New Zealand, Phil is advancing the knowledge, capability and application of Lean Construction and Continuous Improvement principles in the Building, Construction, Architecture and Engineering Industries.


Paul Ebbs

Associate Director – Lean Coach, WSP UK

Operational Change Manager, SMP Alliance


Paul is internationally recognised industry leader and at the forefront of lean best practice. He is a passionate systems thinker and an advocate of innovation through action research. Working with Professor Christine Pasquire from the Centre for Lean Projects, Nottingham Trent University (NTU) Paul has developed and implemented his PhD research Integrated Risk Management Approach – IRMA 3600* – on UK and Middle East Infrastructure Projects over the past 5 years. Paul currently works as Operational Change Manager for the National Highways SMP Alliance in the UK.

*IRMA 3600 is an advanced, structured and collaborative cradle to cradle approach to project production management that leverages 3600 perspectives of risks to protect project progress with specific countermeasures by collaboratively integrating risks, planning, learning and action into an enhanced Last Planner® System.



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Oct 28 2021


5:30 pm

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