The need for Lean is clear

The construction sector in Australia and New Zealand exhibits a high incidence of project cost and time overruns, business insolvencies and stagnant productivity. Applying lean construction principles offers a way to enhance project success and increase the likelihood that projects will be more collaborative, have less wasted effort and deliver appreciable customer value.

As Chair of Lean Construction Australia and New Zealand and in my consulting work with Alchimie Pty Ltd, it remains clear that the construction sector in Australia is not taking full advantage of the competency and talent of its people. Construction professionals spend much of their energy making do within contractual restrictions, lagging technology and bureaucratic processes requiring countless hours of non-value-adding activity. My colleagues in NZ observe similar practices and outcomes. The lean construction term is “wasted effort.”

Alliances and collaborative contracts are progressing in addressing wasted effort, primarily through the benefits of aligned organisations, integrated delivery teams and risk-sharing commercial models.

Lean Construction Australia and New Zealand is the pre-eminent organisation promoting and supporting higher levels of sustainable performance in the Australian and New Zealand construction sector. Lean Construction ANZ operated through a Board of Directors and Regional Councils comprising Lean Leaders from the private, public and education sectors

Lean Construction ANZ has access to global expertise, reference documents, research papers and training opportunities through affiliation with organisations such as the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC) and Lean Construction Institutes (LCI) in the USA, UK, Europe, and South America.

Membership opens networking opportunities, access to a significant body of knowledge and the opportunity to participate with thought leaders in progressing the construction sector to create higher levels of value through practice and process change.

Sponsors and corporate members can align their brand with the lean journey to reform the construction sector.

So, get in touch now and help us to support the industry!

Michael Ward

Michael, Principal of Alchimie Pty Ltd, is a consultant who specialises in guiding project teams to achieve high performance outcomes. Michael’s background is in project management and as a certified coach he is an advocate for the benefits of applying lean construction practice to improve outcomes. International experience has demonstrated that collaborative contracts with aligned commercial interests is the optimum platform for the effective implementation of a lean construction philosophy. Michael is Alliance coach for two major infrastructure program Alliances and provides advisory services and coaching to a wide range of public and private sector organisations and individual clients. He is Chair of Lean Construction Australia and New Zealand.